15 Best Things To Do ( Activities ) & Places to go While in Japan

15 Best Things To Do ( Activities ) & Places to go While in Japan
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Japan the country of ancient temples, historical places and its unique culture is an attraction for many travelers; because of its vibrant blush culturally rich cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and much more are the top reason to visit Japan.

Japan with so many attractions and tourist spots, it’s hard to know how to spend time there and what are the best list of things to do when planning trip to Japan. Shopping Ideas has chosen many spots and activities to make a list of best enjoyable and memorable things to do in Japan.

Top Things To Do in Japan

1.  Visit the Ancient Temple and Shrines

Nanzen-Ji temple Japan Kyotosource:  expedia.com

When planning a trip to Japan, you should add these ancient temples and Shrines in your lists, because all the ancient temple and shrines we add here are the pride and honor of Japan Culture.

  1. The Island Shrine of Itsukushima
  2. Todaiji Temple
  3. Great Buddha of Kamakura
  4. The Atsuta Shrine, Nagoya
  5. Nanzen-Ji ( Kyoto )
  6. Senso-Ji ( Toyko )
  7. Horyu-Ji ( Nara )
  8. Historic Sites of Hiraizumi
  9. Byodo-In Temple ( Hawaii )
  10. Ginkaku-Ji ( Kyoto )

2.  Attend the Japanese Festivals

Yuki-matsuri Snow Fevital Japan

source:  ทัวร์ญี่ปุ่น.net

Japanese festivals are also known as “Matsuri” and in japan, there are nearly 300,000 Matsuri going on each year, however generally all Festivals are organized by the local community and are sponsored by a temple or local shrine. It’s an event held in local areas which can be an artistic competition, dancing performance, for example, Yosakoi matsuri (Kochi) or Yuki-matsuri (Hokkaido).

List of Some Popular Japanese Festivals or Matsuri:

  1. Gion Matsuri (Kyoto)
  2. Awa Odori (Tokushima)
  3. Kanda Matsuri (Tokyo)
  4. Yuki Matsuri, Snow Festival (Sapporo)
  5. Nebuta Matsuri (Aomori)
  6. Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri (Kishiwada, Osaka)
  7. Tenjin Matsuri (Osaka)
  8. Kochi Yosakoi Matsuri (Kochi)
  9. Tanabata Matsuri (Sendai, Miyagi)
  10. Hakata Dontaku Matsuri (Fukuoka)

3.  Sing Songs At Karaoke

Sing Songs At Karaoke japan

source:  matcha-jp.com

Everyone knows about the Karaoke these days, and what special about the Japan’s Karaoke is the quality, efficiency of the machinery, soundproofing of the karaoke box is above the rest all over the world. It’s going to be a fun experience for all such as friends, Couples, and also large group because they are available everywhere in Japan and also full listings of English songs too.

4.  Go To See kabuki

kabuki Japan

source:  jpninfo.com

A traditional Japanese Art Form, From “Edo Era” for entertainment which incorporates dance into performances and is registered as a cultural UNESCO world Heritage Art Form. It’s worth going to see because of the costumes and makeup, and over-the-top drama performance in which all the roles played by Male.

5.  Go Visit Harajuku’s Takeshita Street [Tokyo]

Harajuku’s Takeshita Street

source:  gcphoto.metalship.org

You should visit  “Takeshita Street” in Harajuku’s, to see Japanese subcultures and street fashions. Because it attracts plenty of foreigners, Takeshita Street is always bustling with crowds and you can see many interesting people near the Yoyogi Park. You can also shop in the fashion stores on both sides of the street.

6.  Watch a Sumo Match

Sumo Match Japan

source:  michaelweening.com

Sumo wrestling is Japan’s national sport and is very famous all over the world and all matches are held nationwide, you should watch a live Sumo wrestling match of strongest sumo wrestler known as “Yokozuna”.

7.  Eat sushi

Eat sushi Japan

source:  geishablog.com

You must eat one of the best Japanese cuisines “Sushi” when visiting Japan and it is also very popular among the western cuisines, the difference between the western and Japanese Sushi is the quality and taste. Many people ask for how to eat sushi, the experience I learned from Traditional Japanese friends that you should with your fingers as soon as they given to you before the fish becomes dry.

8.  Try Going to a Love Hotel

Love Hotel Japan

source:  en.rocketnews24.com

You should spend a night at japans love hotels, this is best for couples, and there are nearly 37,000 love hotels in Japan and a vast number of people visit it each day whether its poor, rich, lovers and or married persons. It’s not just the sex hotels you can also enjoy your stay with parties, sing songs at karaoke and much more.

9.  Take Purikura

Take Purikura Japan

source:  fastjapan.com

Purikura originated in Japan is a machine or also Known as photo booths where you can take photos of yourself to make your skin “beautiful”, and you can and turn them into stickers. It is entertaining and fun you should take one as a reminder of your trip.

10.  Travel on Bullet Trains

Travel on Bullet Trains Japan

source:  gizmodo.com.au

You should always travel on Bullet trains because Japan’s train system is world renowned, you can get on time wherever you want to go, and also the best way to travel across Japan, it is much cheaper as compared to driving and flying, and also stress-free.

11.  Cook Your Own Food at a Restaurant

Cook Your Own Food at a Restaurant Japan

source:  Travel Blog.org

Many people don’t know about the restaurants where you can cook your own food, there are many restaurants in japan like shabu-shabu, nabe, yaki nikau, munja yaki, and also okonomiyaki, where you can cook food at your table, and it is considered as an entertaining social activity In japan.

12.  Music Festivals

Summer Sonic Festival Japan

source:  nihongogo.com

You should check out these japan’s Music Festivals which includes Sado Earth Celebration, Fuji Rock Festival, and the Best Summer Sonic Festival during the summer.

13.  Go to the Sapporo Snow Festival [Hokkaido]

Sapporo Snow Festival japan

source:  tabimonogatari.net

It is a world-famous event of Snow Festival held in the capital city of Hokkaido “Sapporo” is with over 2,000,000 tourists visit Sapporo to see snow and ice sculptures each year.

14.  Go Shopping At the Convenience Store

Convenience Store Japan

source:  villagehiker.com

Japan with a big name in the service industry and the perfect example are their convenience stores which are the most professionally managed businesses in the world.

15.  Go into a Hot Spring With Monkeys at Jigokudani Monkey Park [Nagano]

Jigokudani Monkey Park [Nagano] Japan

source:  photographylife.com

Go visit the “Jigokudani Monkey Park” in Nagano where you will experience the unique touch of wild monkeys, also known as Japanese Macaques or Snow Monkeys, and somehow to can see snow monkeys bathing in a hot spring.