10 Top-Rated Tourists Attractions In Japan With Tourists Count

10 Top-Rated Tourists Attractions In Japan With Tourists Count
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Japan An island like country in the East Asia, has thousands of Attractions to be explored. Its Unique blend with a traditional and modern culture that creates a vibe unlike any other country in Asia, that’s why it is one of the most visited tourist’s destinations in the world. It’s hard to figure out what are the top Attractions in Japan, with so many historic temples and architectural buildings, national parks and ocean with dense cities. Additionally, for travelers, it’s ideal for them because the country has a low crime rate as compared with other Asian countries.

A visit to Japan would be a memorable adventure, Let’s begin the countdown of top tourists attractions in Japan.

Best Places To Visit In Japan

1.  Mount Fuji

Tourists Count:  200,000 Every Year

Mount Fuji japan

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A UNESCO Site, Mount Fuji is also known as “ Fuji-San “, is the highest mountain in Japan with a height of 3,776 meters. Japan’s most recognizable Mount Fuji can be seen from 100km away from Tokyo.  It is the most climbed mountain in the world because each year 200,000 people visit it. Mount Fuji is good luck charm and good fortune in Japanese culture. There are many Sights to see Mount Fuji, Highlights are List below:

  1. Lake Kawaguchiko ( Attractions)
  2. Hakone ( Stay)
  3. Kamakura ( Beaches )
  4. Fuji Motosuko Resort
  5. Enoshima ( Island)
  6. Gotemba ( Town near Mount Fuji )
  7. Fuji-Q Highlands ( Attractions )
  8. Toyko Sky Tree ( Attractions )

2.  Golden Pavilion

Tourists Count: A large number of both Traditional and Foreigners

Golden Pavilion

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Kinkaku-Ji in Kyoto Japan also known as the temple of Golden Pavilion is a Zen Rinzai-Shu Buddhist Temple. It is a Popular Tourists Attraction in Japan and Kyoto, Situated across the Kyoto-chi Pond in 1398 by Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. The first two floors of the temple are covered with Gold leaf, which Highlights the reflection of the Golden pavilion in the Kyoto pond and the pond’s reflection to the temple.

3.  Imperial Tokyo Palace

Tourists Count: A large number Foreigners Each year

Imperial Tokyo Palace

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The Imperial Tokyo Palace is a Famous Landmark, located in the Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo. It’s a must seen tourist’s attraction when visiting the Nation’s capital. The palace is the primary residence of the emperor of Japan. The majority of the palace is closed to the public, visitors are permitted into the East Higashi-Gyoen Garden one of few areas open to the public. But don’t be disappointed by the fact there are still enough to see by strolling the ground, you can get many fine views from several points such as Nijubashi Bridge or Double Bridge.

4.  Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Tourists Count: 1 Million People Every Year

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

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A park located in the center of Hiroshima city is dedicated to the legacy of Hiroshima the first city in the world who suffer an Atomic ( Nuclear ) Attack, which has Killed a total of 140,000 People. Hiroshima Peace Memorial is also known as Atomic Bomb Dome ( A-Bomb Dome) or Genbaku Domu. It’s a popular and must see Attractions In japan, Visited by more than 1 Million people every year, both by local and foreigners.  Hiroshima Parks Highlights are:

  1. Peace Memorial Museum
  2. Memorial Cenotaph
  3. Flame of Peace
  4. Atom Bomb Dome
  5. Children’s Peace Monument

5.  Tokyo Tower

Tourists Count: 150 million Since Opening

Tokyo Tower

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Located in Shiba-Koen District of Minato, Toyko Japan is the well-known towers in the world and the second largest structure in japan with and height of 333m. Inspired by the Eiffel Tower Designed, Tower is also called “Light” because of its light weight 4,000 tons. It’s basically a Communication and Observation tower. Tourists can climb the tower for matchless views of Tokyo City and surrounding areas, and also visit shops and restaurants.

6.  Historic Kyoto

Tourists Count: 10 Million Tourists Each Year

Historic Kyoto

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One of the Japan’s most visited cities, attracting more than 10 million tourists each year to explore its fine old streets and architecture. Kyoto is the central traditional culture of Japan and Buddhism. Several Kyoto historic temples and gardens were added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Visit these Highlights of Historic Kyoto:

  1. Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-Ji ) Famous for its gold-leaf-clad exterior
  2. Nijo Castle ( A 17th-century fortress)
  3. Kyoto Imperial Palace ( build in AD 794, most visited historic site )
  4. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove ( beautiful tall bamboo area )

7.  The Island Shrine of Itsukushima

Tourists Count:  3.4 million

The Island Shrine of Itsukushima

source:  japan-guide.com

A UNESCO world Heritage site Itsukushima shrine, on Miyajima is the source of both the island’s fame and its name. It is most commonly known for its giant “ Torri Gate” that stands over the Seto Inland sea. It is also ranked as one of the three most viewed tourists attractions. You can get there by taking a short ferry ride from mainland Hiroshima to the Island of Miyajima. There are many ancient places to explore, like the famous Great Floating Gate ( Torri Gate ), exquisite honden ( main hall), the Offerings Hall ( Heiden ), the Prayer Hall ( Haiden ) and also the hall of thousand Mats ( senjokaku ) . Another loving feature of the shrine is the main shrine stage where tourists are entertained with musical performances and the traditional dances.

8.  Todaiji Temple

Tourists Count: A large number of both Traditional and Foreigners

Todaiji Temple

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Todaiji Temple “ Great Eastern Temple” in Nara City Japan, is not only the world’s biggest wooden building but also has the world’s largest Bronze Buddha statue of Vairocana, also traditionally known in Japanese culture as “ Daibutsu “. It was constructed as the head temple of all provincial Buddhist Temples of japan in 752. There are several smaller Buddhist statues that are also on display in the main hall ( Daibutsuden hall ). Some of the popular Tourists Attractions from the Todaiji temple are listed below:

  1. Pillar With A Hole in its Base ( same size as the Daibutsu nostril )
  2. Nara Park
  3. Todaiji Museum
  4. Nigatsudo Hall
  5. Hokkedo Hall
  6. Kaidanin Temple
  7. Shosoin Storehouse
  8. Former site of the Lecture Hall
  9. Site of former east pagoda
  10. Approach to Nigatsudo Hall ( stone walls Side of Streets)

9.  Great Buddha of Kamakura

Tourists Count: No Exact Count ( vast number of both Traditional and Foreigners )

Great Buddha of Kamakura

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Great Buddha of Kamakura is the second largest Bronze Buddha statue in Japan with a height of 13.35 meters. This Amida Buddha (Great Buddha of Kamakura ) stands on the grounds of Kotokuin Temple. The statue of the Amida Buddha was cast in 1252 and was originally located Inside a huge temple hall, as unfortunately the temple was washed ( destroyed ) in the 14th and 15th century by Tsunami and its now stand in open air.

10.  The Atsuta Shrine, Nagoya

Tourists Count: 5 million Tourists Annually

The Atsuta Shrine, Nagoya

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Attracting more than 5 million Tourists every year Atsuta Shrine is one of Nagoya’s top attractions because it is considered an important shrine in Japanese history, dated back to the 1st Century. Atsuta Shrine is famous for its Sacred Imperial regalia, Kusanagi-no-tsurugi (“Grass- Mowing Sword”), which is one of only three in Japan.