10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cambodia: Best Places To See

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cambodia: Best Places To See

This sprawling, vibrant, bustling Phnom Penh is heart beat and the capital city of Cambodia, you have watched Cambodia in Angelina  Jolie movie and it’s temple ruins in “Lara Croft, Tomb Raider” by that time this place has been crawling with tourists. Cambodia’s Stunning temples of Angkor are drawing most visitors annually, but the country has much to offer like the tropical beaches, colonial buildings and an abundance of nature.

Places To Visit In Cambodia

1.  Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

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A World Heritage Site Angkor Wat ( meaning “ City Temple” ) in Siem Reap, also known as the Pisnulok, build in the 12th century by the Khmer King Suryavarman II .  The temple is the heart and soul of Cambodia and a national pride, as it is believed to be the world’s largest religious Monuments. Angkor Wat is the largest of all temples in Angkor that’s why it top our list of top tourist attractions in Cambodia. It is a Khmer Genius Idea of the temple mountain, which represents the temple in Mount Meru, which is called the home of the gods of Hinduism. More than one million tourists visit Siem Reap to experience the Ancient temples of Angkor Wat. No trip is complete without shopping, the best idea to shop in Siem Reap is the Old Market and Psa Leu , known as the heart and Tourists District. This part of the town has many restaurants and shops where increasing number of tourists from America, United Kingdom and European enjoy the most of their Trip.

2.  Bayon Temple

Bayon Temple Cambodia

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Bayon temple in Siem Reap was build by King Jayavarman VII in 12th century. This is one of the famous tourist destination of Angkor because of the 200 massive stone faces looking in all direction. It is thought by many that the Portrait is the King Jayavarman VII himself, or maybe the mixture of King Jayavarman VII and the Buddha. This Bayon is build in the center of royal city.

3.  Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei

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Form 23 km north of Angkor Wat, a beautiful 10th century Hindu temple build in 967 AD by one of the King  Rajendravarman’s counselors, “Yajnyavahara“ largely made of red sandstones. Banteay Srei temple is dedicated to Hindu god Shiva, which is also considered as separated Cambodian Attraction.

4.  Koh Ker

Koh Ker

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Koh ker an archaeological site 120 km from Siem Reap and Ancient site of Angkor in the Jungle, was build in AD 928-942 by the king Jayavarman IV. It was once an ancient capital of Khmer empire located in Srayong Cheung village. The best place to see in Koh ker is the Parsat Thom, a 55m ( 40 ft ) tall temple  pyramid rising very high above the  surrounding jungle.

5.  Royal Palace

Royal Palace Cambodia

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Beautiful  Royal Palace complex of Phnom Penh was begun by King Norodom I (ruled 1860-1904) in 1886. Palace serves as the official residence of King Sihamoni. It’s a outstanding structure near the riverfront, there are two major tourists attractions,  one is the Throne Hall (59m high tower inspired by the Bayon at Angkor ) and second is Silver Pagoda ( Famous for Emerald Buddha  Gold statue studded with thousands of diamonds ).

6.  Kratie

Kratie Cambodia

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Located in the northeast of Cambodia, An extremely mellow riverside town, Kratie dominated by a central marketplace surrounded by old, French majestic buildings. One of the popular tourist attractions in Kratie is the Rare Irrawaddy Dolphins, which are only 66 to 86 dolphins left in the upper Cambodian Mekong River.

7.  Cambodia National Museum

Cambodia National Museum

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Located in  Phnom Penh just north of the Royal Palace, Cambodia National Museum  is the largest museum of cultural history and historical and archaeological Information which was built in 1920. Tourist with an interest in Cambodian history can experience 1,800 objects in Museum. The most popular attraction of the museum is Vishnu head, excavated Form Western Mebon temple near Angkor Wat in 1936.

Opening hours for the museum is 8.00am until 5.00pm daily and Admission fee are $5 for foreign visitors.

8.  Wat Ounalom

Wat Ounalom

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Near the Royal Palace of Cambodia, Wat Ounalom consists of 44 buildings located on Sisowath Quay in Phnom Penh. Wat Ounalom is the headquarters of Cambodian Buddhism, Established in the 1440s. Tourist with an interest in history of Buddhism in Cambodia Can experience the spiritual teachings and philosophies.  Wat Ounalom Popular for “A stupa “which contains one of the Buddha’s eyebrow hairs.

9.  Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville Cambodia

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Capital city of Sihanoukville Province in Cambodia, Sihanoukville, also known as ‘Kampong Som’ The Serendipity Beach area on the Gulf of Thailand is the premier beach town of Cambodia. Sihanoukville is popular for its white-sand beaches and a number of undeveloped steamy islands. Its is a good place to relax during the high season or a holiday weekend.

10.  Tonle Sap

Tonle Sap

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Tonle Sap in Cambodia is the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia that dominates the map of Cambodia Located just 17 km outside of Siem Reap. The popular attraction for tourists is floating villages near Pursat and Kompong Chnnang on the reverse side of the lake. This lake has a specialty that it expands and shrinks with the seasons. In dry season the lake drains into the Mekong River at Phnom Penh, and in heavy rains, flow of the lake changes directions.